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98% of individuals reported a reduction in pain
after pain reprocessing therapy!

The Pain Reprocessing Retreat compresses the 8 week PRT group protocol into one full day of healing!


As certified Pain Reprocessing Therapy practitioners , Sara and Lola will guide you through the evidence based treatments to break the cycle of chronic pain.


Join us to discover the tools to rewire your brain while reducing your chronic pain.


Limited spots available, we will not host another pain retreat until Fall 2024.

Sign-ups close on June 10th!

What is PRT?


Pain Reprocessing Therapy (PRT) is a system of psychological techniques that retrains the brain to interpret and respond to signals from the body properly, subsequently breaking the cycle of chronic pain. 

This approach is based on the idea that chronic pain is caused by an overactive nervous system, which can be retrained through specific techniques. The goal of Pain Reprocessing Therapy is to reduce pain, improve quality of life, and decrease reliance on medication.


The pain reprocessing retreat involves a combination of cognitive-behavioral techniques, somatic tracking, and mindfulness practices. 



This retreat may be beneficial to you if:


You don’t have time to attend weekly PRT sessions

You are open and ready to explore your current pain

You are highly motivated to learn how to reduce your pain

You are tired of sitting in the pain and ready for relief


Am I a good candidate?


Does your pain shift in intensity and location? 

Have you have had pain longer than 4 months?

Have you been diagnosed with multiple unexplained chronic conditions?

Have you tried surgeries, medications, and treatments with little relief?

Did a significant life event/trauma happen around the time the pain started?

Does your pain intensify with strong emotions?


Often, individuals suffering with chronic pain develop conditioned responses to the pain, PRT can help break this cycle.


Lets set up a chat virtually or over the phone to determine if you are a good fit.  

Self schedule a virtual consult here:                                    




Please be sure to select the PRT Workshop consult option.


During our consult, I will answer any questions you may have, and we will go through an in depth pain assessment to determine if you are a good fit for the workshop. 



What is the cost of investment?


We are offering an introductory cost of 375 dollars. 

*50% due at time of time of booking, the remaining 50% will be due the day of the retreat.


This includes snacks, lunch, and a take home workbook.

*see detailed schedule below

The workshop will be held in the Glow by Lola Studio

507 S Broadway Ave

Urbana, Il 61801



Learn more through research on PRT:







Doors open, mingle, grab a snack, water, tea, coffee, get settled in.



Group Rules and Introductions



Psychoeducation and information about PRT

  •     Addressing fear surrounding pain symptoms

  •     Addressing how the parasympathetic system manages pain

Discussion of identity/loss of identity due to pain

Begin to normalize and validate the pain
Learn how to address your pain beliefs 






Introducing neuroplasticity

Create an Evidence List and Review

Review Barriers to Acceptance

Begin Somatic Tracking

  Components include:

  •     Mindfulness

  •    Safety Reappraisal

  •     Positive Affect Induction



Lunch and break (lunch will be provided).


12:45- 2:30

Continue with Somatic practices including:

  • how to lean Into Positive Sensations

  • learning how to recognize and turn off danger signals. 

Address Common Barriers

  •     How to track with Intensity

  •     Addressing the Difficulty in “Letting Go”

Address anxiety, depression, and fear surrounding pain.

Navigate Negative Behavioral Patterns






Introducing self compassion

Relapse prevention

Stages of relapse



Discuss takeaways

Answer Questions


*Individual PRT sessions can be set with practitioners at the end of the workshop if needed.*

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